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A Guide to Advanced Search Options...

 Search: To start a Search:

  • Enter a Search Term or Terms
  • Select an Index, e.g. SUBJECT
  • Then either press Enter
    • OR click on the SEARCH button
    • OR use the shortcut keys Alt+S
  • This will retrieve matching records.

 Limit by Publication Year:

 Restricts materials published within years nominated.

 Limit by Location:

 Restricts materials currently held at a library location.

 Limit by Material Type:

 Restricts materials by their format, e.g. book or video.

 Limit by Collection:

 Restricts materials by part of the collection, e.g.

 Non-Fiction or Fiction.      

Browsing an Index...

Browse Index: To Browse an Index:

  • Enter a Search Term
  • Select an Index
  • Click on the BROWSE INDEX button
  • This displays a list of search indexes
  • Click on the linked index term to display the records tied to the term.

Clear Screen - will reset all fields displayed.