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Search Simple

A Simple Guide to Searching...
Search:To start a Search do the following:-
    • Enter a Search Term or Terms
    • Select an Index
    • Then either press Enter
      • OR click on the SEARCH button
      • OR use the shortcut keys Alt+S
    • This will retrieve matching records.

Limit by Publication Year:

if you wish to restrict your search to material published within certain years you can enter those years in the Year from and Through to fields.

Browsing an Index...

Browse Index: To Browse an Index do the following:-

    • Enter a Search Term
    • Select an Index
    • Click on the BROWSE INDEX button
    • This will display a list of search indexes
    • and will show how your records will be retrieved
    • You can also click on any of the linked index terms:-
    • To view the records tied to that term.

Clear Screen - will reset all fields ready for a new search.


Searching by a nominated Phrase

Phrase Searching:

This is an alternative to the usual Keyword searching and is applicable only to Titles, Author Series or Subject Searches.

The "phrase" entered must result in an exact match, or you must have an asterisk * at the end of the search term.